Are you a parent and you're worrying about the content on this wiki? Come on and find out!

General Information

Name of community

PrincessPandaLover Wiki

Who can participate here?

Anyone, but Animal Jam and Scratch users are the most loyal.

What is this wiki about?

PrincessPandaLover Wiki is about characters, projects, and more in the PrincessPandaLover World. Mythical loves to star in the world of PPL while in a daily life in Jamaa. Comedy is present!

Content Information

Is this topic reasonably considered family friendly?

Yes, everything is like a family PG-rated film.

Parental advice

We recommend you parents to watch children under 10 years of age if they're reading pages in the PG Category. Otherwise, it should be fine.

Age range

All ages, 10 and up is recommended for children scanning the wiki alone

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